Drill Bit Uses

The Right Drill Bit for the Material


The type of drill bits that you use depend largely on the materials you are using. Making holes in concrete, wood, and metal is the most common task for which drill bits are used, and in this article I will look at each of these materials to discuss which drill bits are best to use for each kind of task. If you know what you want to drill into but are unsure about which drill bits you should use for the job, this information will help you decide.


Concrete is a very tough material that is made up of a combination of things, including crushed stone, sand, and gravel. As concrete is very tough, most regular drill bits will not be able to effectively penetrate it; you will need specialized drill bits to make holes in concrete. The drill bits that are made to go through concrete are known as masonry bits. They typically have a steel body and a tungsten carbide tip to make the bit strong enough the handle the task of cutting through concrete. These drill bits are usually used with a hammer drill, which drills repeatedly into concrete to make the holes. Masonry bits are also good for drilling through stone and brick.


Metals like hardened steel are very tough; drill bits that are good for going through wood will not be tough enough to penetrate them. For the tough task of drilling metals you will want to use a cobalt bit. Cobalt bits are strong enough to cut through tough metals because they are made with a combination of high-speed steel and cobalt. Drill bits that are made to cut through tough metals will also typically have a blunt tip, whereas a drill bit that is made for cutting through wood will have a pointed tip. You should place a block of wood under the metal you are drilling so that your bits won’t be dulled by your work surface when the bit goes through the metal. It is also a good idea to lubricate your drill bits before you begin to drill. This will keep your bits sharper for longer, as it reduces the heat produced when you drill.


What is the best kind of drill bit to use for wood? Well, there are actually several types of drill bits that can be used to cut through wood; generally speaking you will want to choose those that are made of high-speed steel as these will be able to penetrate all types of wood. Simple steel bits are more affordable, but they are not very effective for drilling hard woods. Most wood drill bits will have flutes to help them remove debris as you drill, and this will make drilling faster. Twist bits, auger bits, and brad point bits are all also very good options when looking for bits for drilling wood.

Those are three of the most common materials that people need to drill and the types of drill bits that are best to drill through each one. All drill bits are not created equal, so you cannot use the same bit that you used to cut through wood on metal or concrete. Doing so could seriously damage your bits, the drill itself, and your workpieces as well.