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My friends call me Max, but my wife calls me Handy Max whenever she wants to fix something around the house. It’s a little inside joke that we have because she knows that I am just waiting for something to break so that I can have a “project” to work on. So I am not a professional handyman or repair man – I didn’t go to school to study this stuff, but I do have a real love and a strong passion for fixing things and making them as good as new. I also like to create things with my hands, and so you will find me tinkering with something or making something whenever I have spare time.

I live in Maine with my loving wife and our two sons. Apart from tinkering and creating, I also enjoy fishing and writing (go figure). In designing this website I got to combine two of my passions – tinkering and writing – so the day it was all complete, I felt like a proud papa. I hope I have been able to provide you with useful information on drill bits.