Drill Bit Reviews – Get the Right Bits for the Job


You have entered the tiny but extremely relevant world of drill bits. My name is Max and I will be your guide as you visit this site on drill bits and related topics. Whether you are just a casual DIYer looking for bits to use on a one-time project, or if you use drill bits professionally in your line of work, I hope that you will be able to find information here to help you.

My dad always used to say that the tools you use are largely responsible for the quality of the
outcome of the task, and you should always be sure to get the correct tool for the job and the best correct tool possible (yes, he really did speak like that). I try to follow his example and so, even with something as small as a drill bit, I like to do my own research and find the best, correct product. Two years ago when I was looking for a metal drill bit, I realized that there wasn’t much solid information on them online. So I took it upon myself to fill the void and create a website dedicated to drill bits. I have carefully selected a list of what I consider to be the best drill bits available on the market today, so you can find the one you need faster and learn more about it as well.

Here are my drill bit picks and a few screwdriver suggestions as well:

Best Cobalt Bit Set for Professional Use

IRWIN Tools High-Speed 29-Piece Metal Index Set

IRWIN Tools Cobalt High-Speed Steel Drill Bit

When you need to do professional drilling, a cobalt bit is the best bit for the job, and I have seen none better than the IRWIN Tools Cobalt High-Speed Steel Drill Bit set. Sure the price is a bit on the expensive side, but if you consider that these drill bits will always outlast those “throw-away” bits of lesser quality, it is more than worth the price.

Heat Resistant

Inferior drill bits tend to get hot when they are used to drill metal, but these professional-grade bits from Irvin are made with M-35 5% cobalt alloy, and this construction material is both abrasion resistant and heat resistant. The life of the cutting edge is also extended because of the high-speed cobalt steel, and its use helps bits keep their edge after being resharpened.

Metal Drilling

These drill bits can handle heavy-duty metal drilling even through hardened steel. They each have 135-degree split point tips, so they will be able to drill through metal easily and without damaging the surface of your work materials. What I like about these bits is that the sizes are in increments of 1/64-inch, so you will be able to find one for virtually any size hole that you want to drill.

Best Drill Bits for Wood

DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point 21-Piece Set

DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set

The DEWALT DW1361 drill bits are the best bits for wood because they are very effective and they are also long-lasting. The set includes 21 bits; they range in size from 1/16th inch to 1/2 inch so they can be used to drill holes for your most common woodwork projects and even some that may not be considered as common. These bits are versatile and are also tough enough to be used to drill metal and PVC pipes.

Drilling Wood

As they can also be used to drill metals, you can imagine that these DEWALT DW1361 bits are more than competent when it comes to drilling through wood. No matter how tough the wood pieces that you are working with, these bits can handle the job and will give you clean holes because they start immediately on contact.

Long Lasting

The titanium coating and titanium pilot points on these drill bits protect them and significantly lengthen their lifespan to make them more durable than regular bits. The tapered webs also add to their durability because they help to makes the bits stronger and reduce breakage. If you want solid drill bits for your woodworking projects, the DEWALT DW1361 is an excellent choice.

Best 100-Piece Drilling and Driving Kit

Craftsman Drilling and Driving Accessory Kit

Craftsman 100 Piece drilling and driving kit

If you do a lot of drilling then you will need a lot of drill bits; the Craftsman Drilling and Driving Accessory Kit has all of 100 pieces to use on your general drilling jobs. When you purchase this drill bit kit, you get all the bits in a convenient carrying case that has a handle you can use to easily transport it around.

Not Just Bits

There are 22 bits included in this kit and you will also find a very nice variety of other tools that you will be happy to have in your tool box. These other tools include things like an Allen key, 61 driver bits, and 9 nut drivers. If you have even a small amount of experience doing handy work, woodworking, or just fixing anything that involves a screw, you will understand the value of having all these different types of tools.

Any Material

Whether you want to drill through masonry materials, plastic, wood, or metal, you will be able to find a drill bit for the job in this huge 100-piece set. The pieces are all made with alloy steel that has been hardened to make them strong enough to to go through most of the materials that are commonly used in construction and woodwork projects.

Best Professional Drill Bits for Steel/Metal

Drill Hog 29-Piece Index Drill Bit Set

Drill Hog 29 Pc Drill Bit Set

The Drill Hog 29-Piece Drill Bit Set is the go-to drill bit set for serious, professional drilling through steel and metals when regular bits just won’t cut it. This set is proudly made in the USA using the latest drill bit technology; you get strong, solid bits that will go through metals like stainless steel, metal frames, and grade 8 bolts, easily and without heating up.

Drill Technology

What is special about these Drill Hog bits is that they are made using some very new drill bit technology. The manufacturer uses HI-Molybdenum M7 steel to make these bits; this type of steel can withstand temperatures of over 4000 degrees Fahrenheit before melting! That type of heat resistance makes these bits super-suitable for drilling metal – that is the main reason I chose them to be the best drill bits for steel and metal.

Enhanced Portability

You won’t have any trouble transporting these drill bits around your job site or workshop. You will get a black drill holder with a convenient belt clip; you can attach this to your belt and carry it around with you to keep all the bits in one place. They are also covered by a great lifetime warranty, so you can return them if you are not satisfied with your purchase. But I strongly doubt that will be the case.

Best Drill Bit Set for Concrete

DEWALT DW5207 7-Piece Premium Percussion Masonry Set

DEWALT DW5207 7-Piece Premium Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set

Ordinary drill bits don’t stand a chance when it comes to drilling holes into concrete and masonry. For those types of drilling tasks you will need bits that are made specifically for them, like the bits you will find in the DEWALT DW5207 set. I think these are the best drills for concrete because they are able to penetrate it easily, leaving you with holes that are clean and neat.

Rock Solid

All masonry drill bits will claim to be strong and solid, but with the DeWalt name behind them these DW5207 bits are rock solid. They are able to drill through very tough and rugged materials like concrete, masonry, and blocks with precision and without breakage. These are high quality concrete drill bits that use can use repeatedly for your rugged drilling applications.

7 Pieces

There are 7 different drill bits of different sizes included in this set. The sizes range from 3/16 of an inch to 1/2 inch – enough to be able to handle most common masonry and concrete drilling applications. All the pieces have rock carbide tips so that they will last longer and make maximum contact. You can use any of these bits with your hammer drill, whether it is electric or cordless.

Best Titanium Drill Bit Set

Bosch TI18 18-Piece Titanium Twist


Titanium helps protect drill bits and makes them last longer; this is why they are so popular among craftsmen today. The Bosch TI18 drill bit set gets my vote for the best titanium set because all the pieces are titanium nitride coated; these bits will go through materials much faster than standard bits.

Faster Penetration

Just how much faster will the Bosch TI18 bits penetrate materials? Up to three times faster – and that means you will save a ton of time when you use these titanium bits for your drilling. Their super fast drilling ability is thanks to the speed helix in their design. Because you drill faster you will also be able to get more out of the battery on your drill, saving money in the process. For your general purpose drilling tasks, whether through plastic, wood, or metal, these Bosch bits have all your projects covered.

Longer Lasting

The titanium nitride coating on these drill bits makes them suitable for heavy-duty applications like drilling through metal, and it also makes them ultra durable, with the ability to last up to six times longer than regular steel bits. All 18 bits are housed in a durable Brute Tough Case, which will help protect your bits and keep them together in one accessible place.

Best Value Repair Screwdriving Set

TEKTON 2841 Electronic Repair Screwdriver Bit Set


Every so often you will find that you need to repair electronic devices around the home, or maybe you do electronic repairs for a living. Either way, when it comes to electronic repairs you will be very happy if you have a TEKTON 2841 Everybit and Electronic Repair Screwdriver Bit Set, because it has every bit for every project.


With so many pieces you should have no trouble finding the bit you need in this kit. There are just over 100 screwdriver bits and more than 20 precision bits – that’s a lot of bits in one case, so that you know just where to look when you need one. The kit also includes a ratcheting screwdriver, with multiple drive positions and a rubber grip that is non-slip to give you a more comfortable hold.

Apple Repairs

This electronic repair screwdriver set has pentalobe bits that you can use to make repairs on Apple products like your Macbook or iPhone. The 0.8mm pentalobe bit is designed to remove tiny screws from iPhones, and the 1.2 mm pentalobe bit is for doing the same for MacBooks. This kit isn’t just for Apple products, however – you can also use it for a very wide variety of repairs including eyeglasses, games systems, and wristwatches, along with other brands of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

Best Carbide-Tip Hammer Drill Bits

Bosch HCBG500 Blue Granite Carbide Tip Starter Set


The Bosch HCBG500 set gets the title of best carbide tip hammer drill bits as it contains 5 bits, each tipped with diamond ground carbide to allow you to drill super-fast. These drill bits will penetrate virtually anything that you can put your hammer drill to, so if you are looking for carbide tipped drill bits for masonry or concrete drilling, you will want to consider the Bosch HCBG500 for sure.

Deep Drilling

When drilling masonry, concrete, and other similar materials you will often need to drill very deep holes; these bits are made for this type of deep drilling. The carbide cutting edges resist breaking because they have been high-temperature brazed; this makes them able to withstand the heat that can build up when you are drilling these types of materials.

30% Faster

These blue granite drill bits were designed to drill up to 30% faster than the standard bits you normally use for drilling masonry. You know what that means – faster drilling means you will finish your projects faster and save your oh-so-valuable time. Blue granite plus carbide tips give these bits the ability to do fast impact drilling. When it comes to drilling, as long as there is no compromise on quality, faster is better any day of the week.

Best Jobbers Drill Set

Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Qualtech Cobalt Steel Jobber Set


Depending on their size, jobber drill bits can be used to drill holes between 9 and 14 times the diameter of the drill. They are one of the most common type of drill bits that you will find today, and if you have a job that calls for the use of jobber bits, the ones in the Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC jobber drill bit set are, in my opinion, the best ones for getting the job done.

Wear Resistant

It’s important to have drill bits that are durable if you drill more than just the occasional hole in the wall, and these Drill America bits are built to be around for a very long time. They all have a gold oxide finish that not only helps them to be more wear-resistant, but it also helps to lubricate them as well. The cobalt steel that was used to make these bits also helps them to be more durable and wear-resistant.

Less Clogging

Drilling materials will often create a lot of debris around the area being drilled. These drill bits, however, have 135-degree split point tips that are self-centering and don’t need a pilot hole. This means that they will create chips that are very small, so there will be less clogging. Less clogging means you will be able to drill faster and save more time.

Best Brad Point Drill Bits

Fisch FSF-328094 3-10mm Set of Chrome Vanadium Brad Point Bits


The title of best brad point bits goes to the Fisch FSF-328094 drill bits because they are known to drill holes that are very precise and clean. Although they are primarily used with wood, they’re very versatile drill bits that can also be used to penetrate materials like laminates, acrylic glass, and MDF.

Chrome Vanadium

These brad point twist drill bits are made with chrome vanadium steel, which is a type of high-speed steel that is very hard. The chromium in their composition also helps the bits to be more resistant to corrosion and abrasion. These factors combined mean that these are very strong and durable bits that you will be able to use for a variety of drilling jobs.

Fast and Easy

There are optimized spurs on each of these drill bits and their job is to impact wood before the actual drilling so that the drilling process is faster and easier. The bits also have beveled edges that let them make very clean holes in the materials that you are drilling. In the Fisch FSF-328094 set you will get 8 bits ranging in size from 3 to 10mm.

Best Socket Screwdriver Bits Overall

iFixit 54 Bit Driver Kit


And now for the best overall socket screwdriver bits – the iFixit 54 Bit. These are some of the best screwdriver bits that you will find for making repairs to modern electronics. The kit comes with 54 specialty bits so you are sure to find the perfect one to help you repair any electronic device.


iFixit is an online community where anyone can write or find user manuals for any device, so it is pretty safe to say that they must know all about making repairs to modern electronics. With this drill bit set they have included just about every possible bit you could need to do repair work on things like laptops, mobile phones, game consoles, and stereos. The kit also comes with its own driver as well as a ¼ inch adapter that will allow you to use the bits with standard drivers.

Secret Keys

In a world where it seems like everyday the manufacturers of electronics are finding newer ways to ”lock” their tech behind secret screws that the average screw driver has no chance of opening (have you ever tried to open your mobile phone?), the iFixit 54 Bit Driver Kit provides a practical solution with its various specialty bits that can be seen as secret keys to unlock these secret screws.

Best Value Nut Driver Bits

VIM Tools NS100 12-Piece SAE Power Drive Nut Setter


When you have to work with hex-head sheet metal screws or very small nuts, for the best results you will need to enlist the services of a quality nut setter like the the ones in the VIM Tools NS100 set. There are 12 alloy steel pieces included in this set.

Magnetic and Hollow

You won’t be able to find another set of nut setters that is as complete as this VIM Tools NS100 set. It has both magnetic nut setters and non-magnetic/hollow-body nut setters. Because the kit includes both these types, whether you have hand driver or a cordless quick-change impact driver you will be able to find a nut driver bit to work with it.

Strong and Durable

These are impact-quality nut setters that are very strong and durable because they are made with alloy steel that is cold forged and heat treated. The manufacturers are so confident in the durability of these VIM Tools NS100 nut setters that they have backed them with a lifetime warranty. You will get magnetic drivers and hollow point nut setters ranging in size from ¼ inch to 9/16-inch when you purchase this set.

Best Budget Screwdriving Set

DEWALT DW2166 45-Piece Screwdriver Set


Even if you are on a tight budget, the chances are good that you will be able to find enough money to get one of these DEWALT DW2166 screwdriving sets. They are incredibly reasonably priced, and because they are made by DeWalt you can be sure that you are getting a good quality product. The set has 45 different pieces for all your screwdriving needs.

Screwdriver Accessories

Slotted bits, double-ended bits, Phillips or square – you will be able to find all the screwdriver accessories for the most common applications in this set. With 45 pieces to choose from, you are sure to be able to find just the one you need to get the job done. If you work with screws regularly or just want to be prepared for the odd situation that will require the use of a screwdriver, this is a very handy set to have around.

Carrying Case

These bits are very small screwdriver accessories; if you have any experience with bits you will know that it is very easy to “misplace” them. Fortunately, when you purchase this DEWALT DW2166 set all the pieces come with a strong and durable carrying case. The case is industrial strength so it is definitely strong enough to survive being in your workshop or on your job site.

Best Spade Bit Set

Bosch Daredevil DSB5013P Spade Bits


The useful little drill bits that you will get in the Bosch Daredevil DSB5013P set may look like little blue arrows but they are actually very efficient drilling tools, and that is why I have chosen them as the best spade drill bits. Known for their drilling force and speed, these spade drill bits are the best you will find when it comes to making flat-bottomed holes in wood.

Effortless Drilling

The patented full-cone threaded tips allow them to go through wood at faster speeds and with more force than the average spade bits. With so much speed and force, your drilling tasks will be easy and effortless.

Cleaner Holes

The holes that you get when you drill with one of these spade bits will be cleaner because of the unique spur and reamer feature that they have. They also have a contoured paddle design (the blue, spade-looking part) to remove chips at a very fast speed for faster drilling and cleaner holes. Because the chipping speed is so fast, a hex shank power groove was included in the design of the bits to reduce the amount of slippage that occurs when you use them.

Best Countersink Bit Set

Irwin Tools 1882792 SPEEDBOR 8-Piece Wood Drill Bits


Those pilot holes aren’t going to drill themselves and if you want to use the right countersink wood drill bits for the job you should consider getting the Irwin Tools 1882792 set. It has 8 countersink drill bits that you will be able to use to drill most pilot holes. You are sure to get a tight fit for your screws as these drill bits have widened flutes that allow for faster drilling and cleaner pilot holes.

Controlled Hole Depth

By adjusting the counter bores you will have the ability to control the depth of the pilot holes that you drill with these countersink drill bits. When you are working with very precise measurements and need your pilot holes to be a specific depth, this feature will be very useful. Controlling the hole depth is also important to ensure that your screws will have a tight fit.


These countersink drill bits are fully adjustable. You can adjust the cutter cuts for faster countersinking and you can also adjust the stop collar to the bore depth that you want to achieve. Both the counter bores and the stop collar can be attached with the use of two hex screws so that they remain securely in place.

Final Words

You have come to the end of my drill and screwdriver bit reviews. Hopefully you were able to find just the type of bits for the project you want to work on. I have laid out my best picks and reviewed them for you so that you won’t have to spend hour upon hour scouring the internet to find the perfect bits like I once had to. If you are still unsure about which bit set to get, or if you still have some questions about the different types of drill bits, you can check out my articles here. I also have some other drill bit related articles on this site that you might find helpful.

Safe, clean drilling!